5 tips working moms need to overcome guilt feelings

5 tips working moms need to overcome guilt feelings

Are you a working mom? Then you always feel guilty about going to work. You blame yourself for not being at home 24/7. Sometimes your house is messy and you can’t clean it up. Relax, you are not alone; stay-at-home moms feel guilty too. Obviously, the guilt feeling comes with the package 🙂
The Working Mother Research Institute surveyed many women and made a report called “What Moms Choose”. In this report they stated that 55 percent of working moms vs 44 percent of stay-at-home moms feel guilty about the untidiness of their house, shocking, right?

Successful hardworking moms want to be the perfect person in all.You don’t have to be perfect, nobody has to. “Perfect” is a destructive word. Omit this word from your dictionary and replace it with the sentence “I’m good within my time frame and capabilities”. Setting realistic goals will help you succeed with all of that.

I’m not here to tell you whether to work or not to work, it’s the choice you make according to your situation. I just want to tell you please stop feeling guilty about being a working mom. Here are 5 tips that will help overcome the guilt feeling.

  • Direct your mindset:
    To keep the struggle to its minimum, your number one priority should be your children. When your mindset is directed to that, you’ll start to make satisfying decisions at home and at work. This will make you more focused at your work to achieve more tasks done before you go home. Home is no place for work (except in very rare and special occasions).
    • Sometimes “NO” is the golden word:
    Saying “NO” to optional non-urgent tasks and Rescheduling a work meeting to attend a school event for your child will make you feel better about yourself and will make you a better mom.
  • Value your weekends:
    Keep your weekends work-free, consider it as a sacred and irreplaceable family time, the weekend is for you to rest and to connect with your children. When your boss calls you for an urgent task in the weekend; unless you work as a life saver, tell him that you are already engaged in the weekend and that once the week begin, you’re going to do the required work. Relax, he’s not going to fire you for that, but you’re setting boundaries here.
  • Feeling guilty has a positive side:
    Feeling guilty is never going to end, but you can use the feeling wisely. If you missed a school event because you were jammed by your work, think how you’re not going to miss another event. Register all your appointments and your kids events on your calendar and before accepting any extra tasks, look at your calendar first.
  • Always assess your options:
    As a working mom, you should assess when to work and when to stay at home. When your child is under 2 years old, it’s better to give him your full attention by staying at home if you can. In the meanwhile, you may attend online courses from home or attend short courses that will not make you spend long hours out of home. My pediatrician advice to me was that once the child is 2 years old, she needs to communicate with her peers in order to develop social skills and to be open to new experiences and that she should go to a nursery which will give you a chance to choose now whether to go back to work without guilt or to stay at home.

I’m not encouraging you to give up your dreams in promoting yourself at work and be successful, but the balance you will make between your children and your work will guide you to success in both areas. You go to work when it’s work-time then go home, relax, enjoy your children and family time.
Always remember that you are an amazing mom and you’re doing a great job.

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